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Fuses, Fuseholders and other circuit protection devices
  Daito manufactures and supplies protective devices for the protection and safety of your electronic equipment; meeting diverse customer needs.  
Alarm Fuses and Fuseholders
Daito's alarm indicator fuses are highly reliable units proven over many years in mission critical equipment such as telephone switching systems and other communication equipment and systems, machine tools and other industrial equipment, and plant controllers in nuclear power and other plants.
Micro Fuses (Radial Type) and Fuseholders
Radial type micro fuses are those of the non-reusable type mounted on PCBs of the through hole type, with their conducting parts shielded when fuses are mounted on PCBs, facilitating electric insulation design and high-density mounting.
Micro Fuses (Chip Type)
Chip-type micro fuses are non-reusable and mounted on PCBs of the surface mounted type. The embossed tape packing allows automatic mounting on PCBs and considerably reduces the man-hours required. The smallest type boasts dimensions of just 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.5 mm (LWH), contributing to high-density mounting.
Varistor with Alarm Fuse (FZ)
A varistor and alarm indicator fuse combo isolate the former, even when it deteriorates or a surge exceeding the surge yield strength enters and causes damage thereto, thus avoiding the risk of a secondary fault. Varistor damage is indicated and an alarm is triggered.
Plugs and Jacks
Design in accordance with NTT specification.

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