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Environmental Activities and Products

Dec. 2004
(last update Sep. 2014)

Environmental activities

Daito has implemented the following actions to comply with regulations such as RoHS *1 Directive concerning the use of hazardous materials:

Daito operations are approved for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and the company has striven to reduce environmental impacts caused by enterprise activities under the guiding principle of "Environmentally friendly manufacturing and corporate activities".

In 2000, Daito launched the "Lead and Cadmium Free Committee" to promptly and efficiently implement a study and introduction of materials as substitutes for the lead and cadmium contained in its products company-wide and has since taken steps to eliminate such lead and cadmium.

The main materials having impacting on the environment and contained in conventional fuses, fuseholders and other devices are as follows :

Pb (Lead) : Mainly contained in terminal plating and some fuse elements *2
Cd (Cadmium) : Mainly contained in fuse elements *2

*1: Legal regulations concerning "The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electric and Electronic Equipment" established by the European Union (EU).
From July 2006 onwards, the sale of products containing six substance groups (Pb[lead], Hg[mercury], Cd[cadmium], Cr6+[hexavalent chrominum], PBB[polybrominated biphenyls] and PBDE[polybrominated diphenyl ether]) in the member countries of EU will be restricted.

*2: So-called fuse wire made of a single metal or alloy. Fuse elements are in wire, thin film or other forms.

Our standard for "environmental products" are less than the following threshold level in homogeneous material.

Pb : 1000ppm
Cd : 100ppm
Hg : 1000ppm
Cr6+ : 1000ppm
PBB : 1000ppm
PBDE : 1000ppm

Status and schedule for compliance with environmental regulations

1. Alarm Fuses and Fuseholders

2. Micro Fuses (Radial Type) and Fuseholders

3. Micro Fuses (Chip Type)

4. Others

*3: The electrical characteristics and specifications of an environmentally compliant product
and a substitute product may be different to a conventional product.
When making a replacement, it may be necessary to re-select the fuse.
For details, inquiry with the sales section of our company or with store of purchase.

Please contact Daito sales department for any products not contained here.
Delivery conditions vary depending on customer territory.
For more information, please contact sales department or your supplier.

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